The 7 Days of Anniversary Gifts for Gals


Help her celebrate her anniversary for a week!

This 7 Days of Anniversary gifts for her is a surprise package tailored to any woman in your life—wife, girlfriend, fiancée, daughter, sister, good friend, aunt, grandmother, cousin, co-worker, or business associate. Help her celebrate her anniversary for a full week. Below is a series of questions to help us get to know your recipient. Your answers will help us in choosing the best gifts just for her! All gifts are wrapped and ribboned in a silver, gold, and bronze. All gifts arrive in one box, distinctively marked for her to begin opening on the Celebration Start Date (her anniversary or the date you want her to start opening gifts). You’ll choose the Celebration Start Date on the checkout page. Please note that this gift is geared toward an individual, not a couple.

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Important Details

  • Shipping: All gifts arrive in one box, distinctively marked for the day she should start opening the gifts. Shipping cost for this package is $20. Please ensure that your shipping address is a safe place to receive packages!
  • Delivery: On the Check-out page, you will choose your Celebration Start Date (her anniversary for the date you want her to start opening gifts). The box will be scheduled to arrive on or before this date. Note: All orders must be placed 7 days prior to the Celebration Start Date.
  • Wrapping: Each individual gift is wrapped or boxed, tied with a ribbon, and labeled for each day it should be opened.
  • How it Works: She’ll open one gift, one day at a time, to extend appreciation, celebration, and enjoyment. A gift card with these instructions is included.

About The Days of Gifts

The Days of Gifts is a service, providing you and your recipient with an incredible, multi-day gift-opening experience. Here’s what’s included: Each gift is valued at about $10–$20+; every gift is individually wrapped, ribboned, and labeled (a value of more than $5 per gift); and all gifts are carefully packaged to safely ship.

What kind of gifts will come in the surprise package?

All gifts are high-quality items tailored to your recipient. You simply provide your recipient’s interests and personality traits, and we match the appropriate special and awesome gifts to your lucky person. Most people have a variety of interests that range from A to Z. For instance, is your gal an artistic fashionista who reads sci-fi books? Or is your gal a romantic nature enthusiast who loves to drink wine? With your answers to our questions, we’ll be able to tailor the gifts to your recipient. Example gifts that might be included in The Days of Gifts will be based on your responses and might include:

  • Blank Books (for writers, artists, and organized gals)
  • Scarves or Pashminas (for the stylish or trendy girl)
  • Wine accoutrements (for the wine lover, partier, and social chicks)
  • Candles (for romantics, home entertainers, and spiritual)
  • Gourmet Coffees and Teas (for the coffee and tea connoisseur)
  • Desk accessories (for the organized, geeky, or trendy person)
  • Cooking items (for chefs, the health conscious, or the fitness focused)
  • Novelty items (for the fun and hilarious, trendy, and hipster)
  • And other unique gifts (for everyone and anyone)