From the Beginning

Thoughts on Receiving the First 12 Days of Christmas

Sister Gifts: Hummingbird Ornament

The very first gift is still part of my holiday—an everyday—decorations. I love this hummingbird ornament!

The day was Friday, December 14, 2001. Even though the weekend was upon us, everything was kind of rough for me. I was living in Boston—a wonderful city, yes, but also a city known for its harsh winters. And just one weekend before, I had slipped on the sidewalk and broken my ankle. I was on crutches, living in an ice-covered city, owning a vehicle with stick shift, and residing on the second floor of an elevator-less apartment (22 steps from sidewalk to my front door). The struggle was most definitely real, and I was sitting on my couch feeling very sorry for myself.

And then my roommate brought in the mail, and I had received a package with three presents from my sister, Nici, in Ohio. Her card explained that she was sending me the 12 Days of Christmas and instructed which gift to open first. I was absolutely ecstatic! It was the exact pick-me-up that I so desperately needed.

I tore into that first gift like a monkey on a cupcake. It was a hummingbird ornament—something akin to the partridge, and I would be hanging it on my Christmas tree. I still have the ornament and think of this special treat from Nici every year as I decorate for the holidays.

Every few days, another package would arrive with two or three gifts to keep the 12 days going. I anxiously awaited those gifts and made opening them a part of my morning routine.

The First 12 Days of Christmas: Hair Clips (Day 5)

They’re a little tarnished after 14 years of use, but these “five golden things” are clips I still use today.

Because it’s been 14 years, I don’t remember all 12 of the presents that Nici sent me. But one of my favorites was day five: a little jewelry box labeled “five golden things.” It was five tiny hair clips that I still use today.

This gift from Nici was so thoughtful and such a wonderful surprise! Plus, the surprise kept going for almost two weeks. It’s something that I will never forget. I hope that you’ll treat someone to the same gift this season. You’ll be creating a memory that will be savored for more years than you can imagine.

The Days of Gifts: Andi


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