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A quick exploration into whether we are celebrating each day…

Celebrate Life with The Days of Gifts

Literally, take time to smell the roses! Each moment is precious.

As the hustle and bustle of holiday planning, shopping, and end-of-year work falls upon us, a few thoughts and questions come to mind. Are we too focused on work and getting things done to stop and smell the roses? Cliché, perhaps, but let’s think about this for a minute. Too often we fall into a pattern and, most likely, we aren’t even aware. Time flies by and we wonder, where did the years go? But is it too late to change? Can we make an early resolution this year to start taking time to appreciate the moments and celebrate life?

Carpe diem, live for today, celebrate each day. Let these be our new mottos. When we slow down a little bit, we provide ourselves the opportunity to reflect and to focus on the most important matters. Celebrating life and events needs to be at the top of our “to do” lists. Taking time to celebrate gives us the chance to extend the good times and make lasting, good memories.

Celebrate Life with The Days of Gifts

Celebration + Appreciation = Happiness

Truly, The Days of Gifts is one way to extend life’s celebrations. Open one gift a day, stop and appreciate each day’s gift, and appreciate the sender. Or, give that opportunity to someone else. Celebrating each day is a way to extend the moments and enjoyment and reclaim our time. Life is about finding happiness and enjoying our time while we have it.

So, start today! Right now. Reclaim, live for today, and celebrate life!

The Days of Gifts: Nici


Nici Lucas is the co-founder of The Days of Gifts. She loves to plan adventures, ranging from big to small. Send Nici an email.

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