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Are you caught in the hurried, end-of-year decision-making time of what to present as gifts for employees this December?

Gifts for Employees Done Right!

A stress-free way of shopping for unique presents with The Days of Gifts!

Ah, it’s that time of year again … time to make that troubling decision of what gifts you’ll be buying for employees this holiday season. Of course, you want to try to give something that shows you care. After all, these gifts are for the team you lead, the team of people who work hard to make you look good. Yet, because this is business, the gifts for employees need to be politically correct, nothing offensive or too personal, with no religious affiliation, and so on. But do they really need to be so impersonal?

I’m guilty here because, back in the day when I was in this very quandary, I all too often thought to myself, “I guess I’ll give Amazon gift cards again this year.” I made that decision based on the one-size-fits all nature of a gift card, but also due to an extreme lack of time. In those crazy, frazzled managerial years, unfortunately, I did not believe I had a minute to think about buying a thoughtful, unique set of gifts for my team.

Gifts for Employees Done Right!

Unique Gifts + Great Boss = Happy Employees

I would often remember the holiday season when my former manager Cassie bought me a caramel-and-chocolate-covered candy apple, plus a mug warmer to place on my desk for keeping my coffee or tea hot. I loved it! A thoughtful and perfect gift for me. She just seemed to know what I wanted.

During those hurried end-of-year days when I was a manager, if only there had been a special package of gifts that someone could have put together for me! My team would have loved it, and perhaps I could have been a hero for a few days.

So, take your worry and time-consuming fret out of the process and order a 6-, 8-, or 12-day package for your exceptional crew members. Or, contact us for a unique, customized option for your team.

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