Giving thanks for more than just one day …

Giving Thanks

I give thanks!

Every year, one day a year, we make a point to focus on giving thanks. “This year, I’m thankful for _____,” and we fill in the blank as we go around the dinner table or talk amongst friends. We allow ourselves to openly express gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. But why do we stop there?

Rhonda Byrne and other modern positive-thinkers have said that expressing gratitude on a daily basis is virtually a way for us to fast-track ourselves to happiness. Think about it: If every day, we take time to mindfully appreciate and be thankful for something in our lives, we might just start valuing what we have a little bit more each day.

Giving Thanks

Daily Gratitude + Mindful Appreciation = Happiness + Good Health

Additionally, Jack Canfield, a leader on success, says that “gratitude and acknowledgment are essential components in creating and attracting what you want in your life.” To top it off, a recently released study states that expressing regular gratitude can improve a person’s mental and physical health, particularly in relation to the heart.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Begin to focus on being thankful on a very regular basis, and watch for the positive life changes. Rather than waiting for the beginning of 2016, why not start now? It’s never too early for a resolution, and I’m thankful for that!

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  1. How important positive thinking is to our lives and well being in general. We have so much that we take for granted. We all know this and yet we so often focus on issues that bring us stress. Glad you pointed this out and I am once again reminded.

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