Merchant Monday: Horse ‘O Peace Ranch, Maker of Handmade Natural Goat Milk Soaps

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At The Days of Gifts, offering high-quality, unique, and special gifts is our founding principle. We want our gifts to surprise and delight recipients … every day. In turn, choosing vendors is a thoughtful process for us, and we carefully decide with whom we will partner.

To that end, The Days of Gifts is thrilled to kick off our first Merchant Monday, featuring Horse ‘O Peace Ranch, the makers of handmade natural goat milk soaps. We featured different varieties of Horse ‘O Peace Ranch soap bars in our Christmas and other surprise packages as applicable, and we now offer the company’s ever-popular coffee scrub in our Experimental Coffee Lover package for coffee lovers. Anxious to learn more about the inspiration behind the company, we reached out to Elizabeth Sanders, the creator of these amazing soaps.

What was the inspiration behind starting Horse ‘O Peace Ranch?

Horse O Peace Ranch Handmade Goat Milk Soaps at The Days of GiftsWhile still living at home in her early 20s, Elizabeth took care of her older sister’s two nanny goats, while her sister worked as a camp counselor. After realizing that there was always an excess of goat milk, even after making cheeses and ice creams, Elizabeth decided to spend four months studying with books borrowed from the library about how to make goat milk soap. It must have been fate because after making her first batch, she received a call from a friend who needed someone to demonstrate the art of soap making at an event 10 days later.

Elizabeth agreed to be the presenter, and procured customers that very day. After giving soap as gifts and selling at local farmers markets, within four months, Elizabeth turned this new-found hobby into an official business. Today, Elizabeth has handmade more than 51,000 bars of soap. The company started in February 2008, and Elizabeth is proud to say that her family business is eight years old this year.

What is unique about Horse ‘O Peace soap?

Horse ‘O Peace Ranch focuses on natural health, particularly focusing on helping people with sensitive skin. The soaps use raw milk, “which retains the good vitamins and nutrients needed for building healthy skin,” Elizabeth explains. She learned that pasteurized milk makes soap less nourishing for skin, and that water dries it out. Elizabeth keeps the fresh goat milk at the temperature required to remain in a raw state through the soap-making process. She says, “Raw milk makes such a superior product that even our simplest soap, our Plain Ole Soap, can change dry skin into vibrant healthy skin.”

The Coffee Scrub soap is such an interesting concept. What inspired the idea?

Horse O Peace Coffee Scrub

Coffee is good for more than just drinking! That’s what Horse ‘O Peace says, and we tend to agree.

The Coffee Scrub recipe uses ground coffee, which is a natural exfoliant that has topical cellulite-fighting properties with a gentle cleansing nature. Originally named Man’s Soap, “because it was great for mechanics and men who needed to wash grease or foul scents off their hands,” Elizabeth soon realized that she “had an avid following of female customers” and opted for a name change.

What’s the best gift you ever received?

“My best gift is by far my husband,” Elizabeth says. “Our families met when we were teenagers, encouraged us to start a relationship and become engaged, and then life began to fall apart. Our families went separate ways for over 10 years, not speaking to each other or even sending Christmas cards. Then, one day we reconnected to settle the past and found we still wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We’ve been married since 2009, and now with four sons added to our family, we are happier beyond belief.”


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