Merchant Monday: Napa Soap Company, Maker of Wine-Based Aromatic Soaps

The Napa Soap Company at The Days of Gifts

Napa Soaps are wrapped in beautiful handmade paper and tied with a colorful satin ribbon.

It’s Monday, and that can mean only one thing: It’s Merchant Monday at The Days of Gifts. This week, we’re featuring the Napa Soap Company, a St. Helena, Calif.-based business that creates aromatic soaps using the most abundant resource in the Napa Valley: wine. Founder Sheila Rockwood grew up in the Napa Valley and wanted to create a product that used local and natural ingredients, but also one that enabled her to run a small company while raising her young children. And so she did just that with the launch of Napa Soap Co. in 1999.

“Combining her interest in the environment, aromatherapy, and a prolific supply of lavender, Sheila discovered that soap offered a natural outlet for her talents,” says Gib Rockwood, co-owner of Napa Soap Co. “After researching the therapeutic benefits of a byproduct of the local wine industry—cold-pressed grapeseed oil—Sheila decided to use this wonderful ingredient throughout her line.”

The Napa Soap Company at The Days of Gifts: Pear-secco

For a room smelling of delicious pears, we toast to Pear-secco.

And a wonderful ingredient it is! At The Days of Gifts, we absolutely love these soaps. The aromas are so fragrant; they truly fill a room! One of our customers wrote us and said, “The soap that I received was SO special. It made the bathroom smell like fresh pears, and it felt so smooth to the touch.” That’s the Pear-secco soap, and she is not exaggerating.

We included Napa Soaps in our surprise 6, 8, and 12 Days of Christmas packages as well as our 4 Days of the Modern Valentine packages. Today, you’ll find Napa Soaps in The 4 Days of Feelin’ Good: Gals and The 4 Days of Gifts for a Wine Lover. Definitely check back, because we’re always adding new and fun packages to our store.

The Napa Soap Company at The Days of GiftsCurrently, Napa Soap Co. has eight employees in its facility that’s in the heart of the Napa Valley. “We have an open-kitchen concept,” Gib says, “that allows retail customers to see some of the process in our facility.”

Napa Soap Co. offers 29 different and amazing scents. “My favorite is Soapignon Blanc, which is a grapefruit and pomegranate fragrance,” Gib told us. And that blend is just one of the many aspects that makes Napa Soap products unique. Other reasons, Gib adds: “Our beautiful packaging, tasteful fragrances, and what we like to call the wink: a little sense of humor with memorable names of some of our products, like Cabernet Soapignon, Tea-no Grigio, and Clean-o Noir.”

Now those are some soaps we’d like to receive in a multi-day gift package! J And speaking of gifts, what is the best gift that Gib ever received? “My kids,” he smiled. “As for tangible items, I would say either a trip to Europe from my mother or a paperweight of the world from some good friends.” Sounds good to us!

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  1. Hands down this was the creamiest and most delicious smelling soap I have ever used! It was the pear secco and I actually wanted to eat it.

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