Merchant Monday: Hurraw!, Makers of All Natural, Vegan, Organic, and Raw Lip Balm

Our Merchant Monday series is in full swing, and today, we’re featuring Hurraw!, a delightful company based in Whitefish, Mont., that’s focused on creating premium vegan lip balms. We at The Days of Gifts are avid fans and users of Hurraw! balms, which offers a variety of unique flavors and a texture that feels like butter. These balms are nothing short of amazing!

We include Hurraw! balms in our surprise 6, 8, and 12 Days of Christmas packages, any of our surprise packages (when applicable), and in one of our Coffee Gift Packages. Definitely check back, because we’re always adding new and fun packages to our store.

Hurraw! started in 2008, filling a void in the market of vegan lip balms. “It was a product we wanted to make for us,” says H balm. (Hurraw! is more of a collective—perhaps even a bit socialist in the company’s world view—and chooses to be quoted as such.)

Currently, the company offers about 23 different flavors of lip balm, ranging from Earl Grey and Green Tea to Vanilla and Chocolate to Lemon and Lime to the three Ayurvedic doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). “We’re pretty picky about what we actually release,” H balm says. “We’re not one of those companies that has something new to offer every 15 minutes.”

Is there a favorite at the company? “Today?” H balm laughs. “Probably the Lemon or the Almond. Or the Vata. Or the Moon Balm.” We understand. It’s hard to choose from the great selection—although Almond is definitely my personal favorite, I use Moon Balm every night before going to sleep, and I keep the Black Cherry tinted balm in my car for a quick pop of color.

Aside from being all natural, organic, and vegan, Hurraw! is truly focused on being a good company. “It’s the first vocation I’ve had where I can honestly say that the company cares more about the positive impact on humanity than it does on profit,” H balm says. “There’s a ‘Let’s put the concept ahead of the profit, the user ahead of the maker, the collective ahead of the individual’ feel at Hurraw!. And it’s not some green-washing crap; it’s legit!”

And so the 10 or so employees at the Hurraw! collective spend their time doing just that, all from the “sleepy little ski town” near Glacier National Park. “We’ll keep trying to make the best lip balm possible,” H balm says. “We’re not there yet, but we’ll keep trying.”

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Hurraw! Balm at The Days of Gifts
Hurraw! Lip Balms are vegan, organic, all natural, raw, and incredible!
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Hurraw! Balm at The Days of Gifts


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    We all need to be informed about products of this quality. I can almost feel it on my lips.

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