Merchant Monday: MAIKA, Creator of Canvas Pouches and Other Functional Products

MAIKA Pouches at The Days of Gifts

MAIKA’s recycled canvas pouches come in a variety of colors and designs. Clockwise from top left are Leaves, Waxed Moss, I Wheelie Like You, and Maze.

In this week’s edition of our Merchant Monday series, we’re highlighting MAIKA of Emeryville, Calif., which is just a bridge away from San Francisco. This delightful creator of functional goods has a simple mission: “To delight and inspire through exceptional design and uncompromising quality, using eco-friendly sources of the highest quality whenever possible.” And their mission, as far as we’re concerned, is accomplished with each new product release.

We included MAIKA’s handy and attractive pouches in our surprise 6, 8, and 12 Days of Christmas packages as well as our Valentine packages. Today, you’ll find them in our Beautiful Things Gift Package for Her as well as any of our surprise packages (when applicable). (But definitely check back, because we’re always adding new and fun packages to our store.)

Established in 2014, MAIKA’s products “create joy every day, be it through our fun designs, details, or simply solving an organizing challenge,” says Founder Viola Sutanto. “MAIKA means dancing flower in Japanese, much like the spirit of our brand. It is also my daughter’s name.”MAIKA Pouches at The Days of Gifts

At The Days of Gifts, we fell in love with MAIKA’s pouches because they’re perfect to use as a makeup bag, for traveling, or as a catchall bag inside a purse. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous “Leaves” pouch, with its bright purple and orange shapes, or the “Waxed Moss” pouch—such a lovely shade of green! And any products that are eco-friendly—the pouches are made from recycled canvas—are good in our book!

What is Sutanto’s favorite product at MAIKA? She has two: “The carryall tote because it carries everything … and then some. And the crossbody bag, which is truly a hands-free bag! I have two kids, so it’s nice to have a bag that leaves me free to hold little hands.”

And we clap our hands to that! Keep up the fantastic work, MAIKA.

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Andi Lucas is the co-founder of The Days of Gifts. She loves to give the gift of time, especially by planning celebration getaways with groups of friends. Send Andi an email.


  1. Vivian V. Says: March 17, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    The Maika pouches you are featuring are lovely! From the picture I especially like the green color. I really enjoy the fact that you consistently offer products that are useful and attractive and also eco-friendly.

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