Merchant Monday: Two Tumbleweeds, Creator of Foodie Dice

Healthy Eating Gift PackageFor this edition of The Days of Gifts’ Merchant Monday, we are excited to feature the Santa Rosa, Calif.-based company Two Tumbleweeds, creator of Foodie Dice. The company launched in October 2013, and since that time, the Foodie Dice product has become quite the rage in both culinary and gifting worlds.

As a result, we were thrilled to offer Foodie Dice in our surprise 6, 8, and 12 Days of Christmas packages. Today, we feature Foodie Dice (Seasonal Dinners, Salad Dressings, Dessert, or Mixology Dice, individually or in combination) in our Healthy Eating Gift Package as well as all of our as well as our other surprise packages. Check back, though, because we’re always adding more!

What’s even more exciting for us is that, just like The Days of Gifts, Two Tumbleweeds is a sister-owned company, too! We feel very inspired by the creativity and success of Sarah Downey and Liz Downey, co-founders of the company.

To learn more about this inspirational company, we caught up with Sarah. Take a look!

What was the inspiration behind Two Tumbleweeds, and how long has the company been in business?

Liz does design work under the name Tumbleweed Design. When we were brainstorming a name for our business, Two Tumbleweeds popped into my head. We’ve both lived all over the country, so the name made perfect sense.

What was the inspiration behind Foodie Dice?

Foodie Dice at The Days of GiftsIt evolved out of a different idea—an Adventure Box we made for ourselves when I moved to California. It’s a box with a bunch of folded up pieces of paper with “adventures” written on them (kayaking on the Russian River, wine tasting, etc.). Whenever we had a free day, we’d pick one out of the box. Meanwhile, we were cooking a lot but cooking the same things over and over again. So I thought, hey, we can make a cooking adventure box, with dividers for different types of ingredients. And then that evolved into a better way to randomize ingredients: dice!

What do you think is the most unique aspect about your company?

I love that what Liz and I create together is better than what either of us would do on our own. We pass things back and forth, and I love seeing how ideas evolve through the process.

We love what you said on your home page: “We’re two sisters who have finally landed in the same place (Sonoma County, Calif.) and had the chance to combine our unique talents to create something bigger.” What does it mean for you to be a part of a sister-owned company?

Aside from being my business partner and sister, Liz is also my best friend and, at the moment, my roommate. Although it’s challenging at times and we have conflict, sometimes great things come out of that conflict. We’re similar in a lot of ways, but very different in how we approach creating products and problem solving. I think having that conflict leads to better solutions.

Could you give us a hint as to whether you are working on any new dice or other products? (If not, we at The Days of Gifts understand the importance of surprises more than most!)

We are working on a couple of new products, and I’m excited to develop our Two Tumbleweeds brand beyond Foodie Dice—although we’ll also create some new dice sets as well. We’d rather not say what they are just yet, but very generally, they’re also products meant to inspire and foster creativity in everyday life.

What is the best gift you, personally, ever received?

Liz gave me (well, us) a Gratitude Jar for Christmas. It’s just a mason jar and small pieces of paper, with a different color for each of us. Whenever something great happens—sometimes big things, sometimes small—we write it down and put it in the jar. The idea is to open the jar after a year and read what we wrote.

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Nici Lucas is the co-founder of The Days of Gifts. She loves to plan adventures, ranging from big to small. Send Nici an email.


  1. Vivian V. Says: March 28, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    How creative Liz and Sarah are, and how inspiring and clever are their ideas. I especially like the gratitude jar which reminds them of all the things, great and small that they have been grateful for. The Days of Gifts is just such a creative idea inspired by two sisters with great visions and truly wonderful packages.

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