A Valentine’s Day Surprise

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts from The Days of Gifts
Your sweetie gets to open one surprise gift a day for a full week!!
Surprise Valentine's Day Gifts from The Days of Gifts
Happy surprises keep our brains lit up and alive!
Surprise Valentine's Day Gifts from The Days of Gifts
Who doesn't love a surprise?

It’s official: Your brain likes surprises! Studies show that our brains light up when we experience the unknown, like tasting a new flavor, unexpectedly running into an old friend, or finding something new on the drive home. Our brains find pleasure in these surprise situations, and feeling good is what we need.

What’s even more exciting to our brains is when someone else—a friend or loved one—is orchestrating the surprise. Who doesn’t love a surprise dinner, a surprise party, a surprise weekend getaway, or a surprise gift?

With Valentine’s Day, we’ve learned to anticipate the norm: chocolates, flowers, dinner … you know the drill. Don’t get us wrong, these norms can be great! We celebrate Valentine’s Day once a year and are able to appreciate the tradition. But what if a new element was introduced this year? What if you gave your sweetie or friend something totally new and unexpected, like a package of surprise gifts tailored to him or her? Think about how happy and “lit up” he or she will be.

This year, The Days of Gifts is not only offering our pre-set packages—themed toward wine, beer, coffee, and more—but we now have surprise gift packages for Valentine’s Day too. Just like our December holiday surprise gift packages, the buyer selects personality traits and interests of the recipient, and then we put together an amazing, tailored package. It’s a surprise for everyone! We offer the following surprise packages for Valentine’s Day:

  • The 4 Days of Valentine’s Day (Gals or Guys): A “four-ever” gift—open one gift a day for four days
  • The 7 Days of Valentine’s Day (Gals or Guys): Celebrate for an entire week—open one gift a day for seven days

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, think about ways to incorporate more surprises into your life and those of your loved ones. We need to keep our brains happy with surprises!!

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