Why Send a Surprise Gift Package?

Why Surprise Gifts Are So Awesome from The Days of Gifts
Surprise Gift Packages from The Days of Gifts. Start shopping!
Why Surprise Gifts Are So Awesome from The Days of Gifts
Who wouldn't love to find a surprise gift awaiting them?

Give us 10 minutes, and we’ll give your recipient multiple days of fantastic, tailored gifts.

Are you the kind of person who struggles when trying to pick out the perfect gift for someone? Or are you the type of person who simply doesn’t have a lot of time to shop for gifts? Maybe you just want to buy a gift that’s different and unique? Well, Surprise Gift Packages from The Days of Gifts could be the very solution for all of these types of people, and everyone else in between.

Envision this: You need to find a unique, fun, or cool gift for someone on your list for any occasion. To save time or decision-making panic, all you need to do is this jump online, provide some basic info, and voila!—a set of gifts tailored to your recipient will be on its way. But, wait. You don’t know what’s in the box either. That’s right. The Days of Gifts Surprise Packages are a surprise to both the giver and receiver. Why does this work and why do customers love this?

  • Simplicity: No shopping decisions required. Givers make checkbox selections about their recipients’ personality traits and interests via our simple questionnaire, and then we match and provide gifts that the recipients will love.
  • Fun: Our customers love the surprise on both sides. We’ve received lots of feedback about how excited the gift givers were. Plus, many customers purchase packages for themselves in addition to other family members!!
  • Pricing: Keeps the price as low as possible per number of gifts in a box (example: all surprise 6-gift packages are the same price), whereas customized packages could increase the price.

And all of The Days of Gifts presents are appropriate, quality items that almost anyone would want or could enjoy and put to use.

Would you rather select the gifts yourself? No problem! If the gift givers want to know exactly what’s in the package, they can either:

Gift giving can be super fun and easy, so enjoy! Celebrate every day.

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