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How to Add Mystery and Adventure to The Days of Gifts

How to Turn The Days of Gifts into a Scavenger Hunt
"Find your next gift close to your grandmother's antique pewter" could be the clue this gal just received.
How to Turn The Days of Gifts into a Scavenger Hunt
Once you receive the box of gifts, write all of your clues, and then hide the 12 presents around the house, the community, friends' places, or even local businesses. Make sure the owners are in on it, of course.
How to Turn The Days of Gifts into a Scavenger Hunt
"Our first kiss was where you'll find your next gift," this clue might read. Although, hidden in the Redwood National and State Parks could be a difficult find!

Opening one wrapped gift a day for multiple days—aka a surprise package from The Days of Gifts—is an exceptionally fun and celebratory treat in and of itself. But, what if gift givers amped it up a bit and created an adventurous scavenger hunt where recipients follow clues to find and then open the gifts?

You might ask yourself, why? Before getting into the details, we’d like to share two main reasons to offer a scavenger hunt to accompany a box of our surprise, wrapped gifts. First, a scavenger hunt adds an extra element of excitement and adventure that could be extended for up to 12 days! Second, we know that receiving a box of 12 wrapped gifts, for instance, to open one per day is incredibly exciting. But, we’ve learned from customers that this array of wrapped gifts is oftentimes irresistible, and many recipients open all the gifts on the first day, sometimes right then and there. Gasp!

Exactly how would a scavenger hunt work? The gift giver could get very creative, but here are some starter examples. Let’s say a husband decides to buy the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts for his wife. He would have the box delivered to himself—at work, say—so that he would be in charge of the distribution of the gifts. On Christmas morning, he could give his wife the card that is included with the packages, along with a written clue, something along the lines of, “Look in the drawer where you found my missing keys last month.” After thinking for a minute, she would search for and find Gift #1 in that specific location. On the second day, the husband would give his wife the second clue, she would search for the second gift, and so on.

Yes, this would take a little bit of time to plan out, but this adventurous surprise could be just as much fun to give as it would be to receive. (Hey, I think we’ve written about that in a blog entry recently!) And, the clues could be as easy and simple or as difficult and complex as the gift giver desires.

On my 18th birthday, our Mom created an elaborate scavenger hunt for my sister, my friends, and I to follow. We drove around town looking for clues my mom had set up in meaningful local businesses or had hidden in public locations like local parks. The entire hunt surrounded a mystery story that my mom had created to accompany each clue. The scavenger hunt ended at a fun dinner spot, followed by a fantastic comedy and music performance.

Obviously never forgotten, I can attest to how enjoyable a scavenger hunt like this can be. But, the hunt could be very simple, taking place only around the house—like an adult Easter egg hunt—and would be just as much fun!

The scavenger hunts could be associated with any holiday, a birthday, or even “just because.” Perhaps for a very special day, the gift giver could break the “open one gift per day” rule and have all of the gifts strategically placed or hidden in various locations to be found on the same day. Think about how fun that would be for a progressive party! A 7 Days of Birthday Gifts could be hidden at different friends’ or relatives’ homes (or even landmarks throughout the neighborhood). A gift at each location could even be accompanied by a drink or appetizer. Picture hints like, go to the house where we first met. Or, head to the home with the best man cave in town. You get the idea.

Just one hint for the gift giver: Don’t forget to create a map for yourself of the clues, gifts, and their hidden locations. (Conjure memories of missing hidden Easter eggs found days after the big hunt ended. We promise, The Days of Gifts does not include any Easter eggs, but you wouldn’t want to forget where you had hidden a gift!)

At the end of the day, we at The Days of Gifts would love to hear how creative people can get! Feel free to post in the comments or send us an email.

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