The New Business Gift: Think Outside of December

Make Your Business Gifts Stand Out with The Days of Gifts
Make your business gifts stand out with something other than candy.
Make Your Business Gifts Stand Out with The Days of Gifts
Help save sugar overload at December holidays with unique business gifts.
Make Your Business Gifts Stand Out with The Days of Gifts
Learn more about custom business gifts from The Days of Gifts.

Would giving a business thank you gift outside of the month of December work? Yes, and here’s how.

How many times does it happen? You work in an office, December rolls around, and the stream of end-of-year holiday “thank you for your business” cookie / candy / cake / muffin gifts roll in. And, in the midst of the sugar overload and high, you forget who gave what gift, and you wonder if it really matters. So many gifts were sent, who would remember receiving thanks anyway?

Wow, what a waste of time and money, not to mention healthy veins.

Personally, as a recipient of many December holiday business gifts, I know that there really is no harm meant in the non-appreciation of the end-of-year thank you cookies. The problem is, unfortunately, that the gifts just simply all run together. Who sent the chocolate box? The mini cakes? The popcorn tin? What about the box of muffins? When you’re cramming the goodies into your mouth all week, it really is difficult to remember who sent what.

The business workers really do care, but one gift just doesn’t really stand out from the other.

So for business gift givers, what’s the solution? You want to say thank you, and you want to stand out. One way is to send a completely unique gift, like a package of non-edible items… maybe cool desk accessories and such. Another idea? Send the gifts during a non-December holiday. One idea is Valentine’s Day. The message could be something similar to:

  • You’re the heart of our business…
  • We love that you’re our customer…
  • We love working with you…

That sure would distinguish your business gift over others!

Just one thing: Jump on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon before every business starts sending gifts in February. Be the forerunner!

Interested in sending a unique business thank you gift? As former Corporate Americans, we at The Days of Gifts know just what office workers will like. Contact us today for a custom set of business gifts to stand out from the rest.

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