What Do Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day?

Guess what: It’s not long-stem roses and gourmet boxes of chocolates. Instead, it’s a gift that provides an experience, is tailored just for her, and shows some thought and effort. Score on all three with The Days of Gifts.

We’ve all seen the ads that incessantly play on TV throughout January and early February. The ads browbeat us into thinking that all women want for Valentine’s Day is either jewelry (“He went to Jared!” and “Every kiss begins with Kay” are very familiar), flowers, or chocolate.

Did you know that on February 14, retailers will sell more than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate? That’s more than $1 billion in confection. Yowza! In addition, Valentine’s Day will see the sale of more than 189 billion stems of roses.

What Do Women Really Want for Valentine's Day? The Days of Gifts.
Avoid being a “Roses and Chocolates Cliché” and give her The Days of Gifts experience.

If I could scratch a needle off the record here, I would. Because jewelry, flowers, and chocolate are actually the furthest things from my list of wants for February 14. The same is true for the lists of most of the women I know. So what do women really want for Valentine’s Day? Here are four fabulous and feasible ways to make her heart go pitter-patter this year.

#1: Give Her an Experience. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 40% of consumers “would love to receive” gifts that provide an experience. That could mean a big night out (via concert tickets, a limo ride, or both), a special night in (bring in a caterer to cook and clean up while the two of you sip wine by the fire), or single events (gift cards for massage, mani/pedi, or salt water float). As author Isaac Marion says, “Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item.”

What Do Women Really Want for Valentine's Day? The Days of Gifts.
Our Valentine’s Day package is a gift that provides an experience, is tailored just for her, and shows some thought and effort. What are you waiting for?

#2: Make it About Her. One of the best feelings in the world is when someone shows you how much they appreciate you. And it doesn’t need to be a big, sweeping gesture, like having an airplane write it in the sky. It just needs to be thoughtful and specific to her. For example, if you know that she’s been working like crazy on a project at work, causing things at home to slip … hire a housecleaner for the day. Or better yet, clean it for her. I’ll never forget the episode of Sex and the City where single Miranda hasn’t been able to shower in a week because of her newborn, so Samantha treats her to a haircut that was scheduled months in advance. (Season 5, episode 6—check it out for inspiration.)

#3: Show Some Thought. Don’t you feel positively buoyant when someone (especially a loved one) goes out of their way to ___________________? Fill in the blank with A) plan something special for the two of you; B) take care of an errand you’ve been needing to run; or C) leaves a sweet/funny/sexy note in your bag/desk/purse to find later. Whatever the specifics are, when someone does the unexpected to make us smile or help us, it’s an amazing feeling. Help her feel that way.

#4: Choose The Days of Gifts. With our unique Valentine’s Day packages, you can give her gifts tailored just to her for four or seven days. Or, give them to her every hour on Valentine’s Day. Or make it a scavenger hunt throughout the house—she searches for cleverly hidden gifts while you cook a delicious meal. It takes 10 minutes to select your gift package and tell us about your special lady via a simple, checkbox questionnaire. And you’ll be giving her an incredible experience that she’ll never forget. We’ll select each quality gift based on the answers to your questionnaire, individually wrap or box each gift, tie with a ribbon, and label for each day she should open the gifts. It’s completely tailored to your gal, and no package is alike. Start shopping.

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Andi Lucas is the co-founder of The Days of Gifts. She loves to give the gift of time, especially by planning celebration getaways with groups of friends. Send Andi an email.

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