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Nici Lucas & Andi Lucas, Sisters and Co-Founders of The Days of Gifts
Nici (left) and Andi
Nici Lucas & Andi Lucas, Sisters and Co-Founders of The Days of Gifts
Big sister Nici holds Andi's hand during Christmas 1974, proudly wearing our matching denim leisure suits. Now those were the days!

We’re Nici and Andi, sisters who love to give and receive gifts. It all started back in December 2001, when Andi was living in Boston and on crutches, suffering from a broken ankle. To lift Andi’s spirits, Nici, who was living in Ohio, sent her the 12 Days of Christmas. Every few days, a box arrived with three or four gifts to be opened on certain days. It was the exact pick-me-up that Andi needed!

Although it was 13 years later, Andi wanted to return the favor. In December 2014, Andi (now living in Seattle) sent Nici one big box with all 12 presents and details on when to open them. Nici posted pictures of these gifts on Facebook, and it became a daily hit, with friends and family eagerly awaiting each day’s gift. Many lamented, “I wish someone would do that for me!” And others were curious as to how it all came together but couldn’t fathom how to make it happen themselves.

In both instances, we couldn’t be together on the holidays (living in different parts of the country), but these gifts showed us that the other one cared and was thinking of her. Plus, each of us had a fun time picking out the gifts, wrapping them, and awaiting the other’s delight every day.

So it got us thinking: Why not make it happen for other people? It’s a fun idea, a great surprise, and everyone feels good. Join us this holiday season and delight the loved ones on your list—whether they’re across the country or across the street. Because every day is a gift.


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Nici Lucas & Andi Lucas



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