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Offering Multi-Day Gift Packages for All Occasions


How The Days of Gifts Works: 1. Select a Gift Package

Select a Gift Package

How The Days of Gifts Works: 2. Complete a Simple Questionnaire

Complete a Simple Checkbox Questionnaire

How The Days of Gifts Works: 3. Choose a Start Date

Choose a Start Date


Spend Hours and Hours Shopping

Hours & Hours Shopping

Spend Hours and Hours Wrapping Presents

Hours & Hours Wrapping

Spend 10 Minutes with The Days of Gifts, and We Take Care of the Rest

Or, just 5–10 Minutes with The Days of Gifts

What’s included in each box?

What's Included in Each Box?
  • An amazing experience!
  • Multiple days of gifts to unwrap
  • Personally selected gifts just for your recipient
  • TLC packaging
  • Personalized greeting card
What's Included in Each Box?

What’s included with each gift?

What's Included with Each Gift?
  • TLC wrapping
  • Colorful ribbons
  • Custom made stickers for each day
What's Included with Each Gift?

Watch the Recipient Experience

At The Days of Gifts, we provide your friends and loved ones with a wonderful, multi-day gift-opening experience. Why celebrate for just one day? Turn any occasion into a multi-day celebration.

Have you found yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for someone—or even just a kinda perfect gift? Or maybe you just want to give something totally different? Or perhaps you’re apart from a friend or loved one and just want to say, “I’m thinking of you!”

We’re here to help. At The Days of Gifts, we take the anguish out of gift-giving by taking care of it for you. Here’s how it works:

  • You tell us about your recipient through a simple, checkbox questionnaire. Personality traits, interests, lifestyle, favorite color—there’s even room for you to tell us more. It takes about 5 minutes.
  • Based on the information you provide, we compile a set of unique and special gifts from our collection that are tailored just for your recipient.
  • We beautifully wrap and ribbon every present, labeling each gift for the day it should be opened (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.)
  • All of gifts arrive in one box, marked “Don’t Open Until …” to build excitement and anticipation.
  • On the special day of your choice, your recipient opens the box and begins opening one gift every day for up to 12 days.

The Days of Gifts is not your typical present. You’re giving a unique, fun, and exciting experience that your recipient will always remember and treasure. Because every day is a gift!


Especially during a quarantine, having something fun to look forward to each day was a real treat.”

—Margie K.

It was so great to have a little gift to open each day at whatever time I felt I needed a little pick-me-up. Great product and service! Perfect for making someone feel special and loved. Thanks!!”

—Stephanie B.

Amazing & Thoughtful. Every gift well thought out and can be used by every mother!”

—Tarsha H.


I was away from home for an entire week. The gifts were a daily reminder that I was still thinking about my wife. She absolutely loved the gifts and said it made her feel extra special. My wife was extremely touched by each gift and felt they matched her personality. This will be something I will do again soon.”

—Jon U.

Life saver for a husband that hates to shop for someone hard to buy for I am thankful for your service and will be using you again. Hope you do belated birthdays! Thanks again.”

—James J.

I have loved giving THE DAYS OF GIFTS as much as getting them…..(well almost…!) The selections are fun, imaginative, surprising……maybe whimsical or sweet or slightly offbeat, but always delightful to open! The service is organized and efficient. YAYYY FIVE STARS!”

—Mollye O.

I must tell you how incredibly exciting your gift became as the days went by. I started 12 days ahead of Christmas and the excitement built, culminating on Christmas. Your gifts were awesome in that they were unique, special, and obviously well chosen. What a treat! I was very impressed with the quality. Thank you for giving my wife of 40 years and I a special Christmas. This is the most incredible and long-lasting present I have ever given to my wife and have piled up great points for it. Thank you again.”

—Patrick T.



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