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Facebook Friends Delight in My 12 Days of Christmas Posts

My 12 Days of Christmas: Day Five—Five Silver Charms

Day five offered five silver charms: a heart, a peace sign, an acorn, an angel, and a globe.

’Twas the Christmas of 2014, and much to my extreme surprise, I received a box full of 12 presents from my sister, Andi. “Start opening the gift marked ‘Day 1’ on December 14, and then open one gift a day—as labeled—through Christmas,” instructed Andi’s enclosed card. “This is so exciting!!” I screamed. What a thoughtful surprise. As a result, I was on cloud nine and felt like a kid again.

My 12 Days of Christmas: Day Eight—A Wine Cork Coaster Set

Neither Jared nor Joy nor gift disappointed on Day 8: a wine cork coaster set. So fun!

I was so thrilled that I wanted to share my daily surprise and have everyone experience it with me. So, I posted every, single day on Facebook, sharing the gift of the day. I created a fun theme, and every day posted four pictures:

  • The wrapped gift;
  • The opened, surprise gift;
  • My cat curiously inspecting the gift; and
  • A bonus shot of Jared Leto, shirtless, wearing a Santa hat—someone had sent me that pic the day before, and it seemed to fit perfectly.

Well, the series of posts was a hit. People followed day by day. Many were as anxious as I to see each day’s gift, so anxious sometimes that I would receive texts from friends asking when I was planning to open my gift that day.

Together, we all thoroughly enjoyed my “12 Days of Christmas.” But, of course, the fun eventually had to come to an end. I opened the last, beautiful gift on Christmas Day. Still so exciting, but the daily journey was over. One fan of the series texted on Christmas Day asking, “What are we going to do now?”

Yes, what entertainment it was. So, why end with that? Let’s keep going! Now we can continue that fun and extend to everyone, all year long!

The Days of Gifts: Nici


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