Will 2017 Be the Year to Make Your Resolutions Stick?

Make Your Resolutions Stick
A blank notebook—used in conjunction with Foodie Dice—to inspire new ideas!
Make Your Resolutions Stick
Commitment + Investment + Reinforcement = Resolution Success

The allure of something new: a blank journal, a clean calendar, a new day, a new year. Something moldable, an undiscovered territory, an opportunity to change. Along these lines, we look at the turn of the year as a new beginning, a way to transform in some way or another. We have high hopes. Often times, however, our resolutions fall to the wayside in the first few months or even weeks after New Year’s Day, and then we tend to give up for the rest of the year.

So, how do we make resolutions stick? To achieve resolution success, we need to:

  • Keep the resolutions realistic;
  • Schedule time to focus;
  • Develop a plan; and
  • Commit, invest, and reinforce.

For me personally, those last three words are the most important. Full commitment to a plan for change is imperative for personal accountability. Investing a little money or chunks of time almost forces us into participation. And then, using reinforcement—reminders, encouragement, and other tools—will definitely strengthen our journey to success.

Here at The Days of Gifts, these very thoughts inspired us to create packages focused on helping people to stay on track with New Year’s resolutions because a little investment and reinforcement goes a long way. Also, who said that resolutions had to be tough? Maybe we all just need to have a little fun, too.

Check out our new packages that will help to inspire change in the following areas:

The package details explain how they work. Keep checking back—we’re always adding new and inspiring packages. At any time during the year, it’s never too late to begin again!

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Nici Lucas is the co-founder of The Days of Gifts. She loves to plan adventures, ranging from big to small. Send Nici an email.


  1. I love this warm and colorful website! Very informative, very clear! Also, very inspiring, giving incentive to start the New Year with a different and positive focus.

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